Name ID16935
Local ID16935
Date of Birth06-28-1991
Eye ColorHAZ
Hair ColorBRO
Height6 00
Admit Date02-21-2024
Admit Time11:45 AM
Address 3795 PILSON RD SANFORD  NC  27330
Housing LocationB2003C-1
Confining AgencyLee
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Arresting Agency 
23CR274618-520- WFA- THIRD DEG SEX EXPLOTATION MINOR X10 04-06-2023District06-10-202423CR274618-520$100,000.00SecuredLeeLEE - NC0530000
23CR274616-520 WFA- SECOND DEG SEX EXPLOIT MINOR X10 04-06-2023District06-10-202423CR274616-520$60,000.00SecuredLeeLEE - NC0530000
23CR274617-520 WFA-F- SECOND DEG SEX EXPLOIT MINOR X4 04-06-2023District06-10-202423CR27461-520$60,000.00SecuredLeeLEE - NC0530000
23CR274620-520-WFA- THIRD DEG SEX EXPLOIT MINOR X10 04-06-2023District06-10-202423CR274620-520$100,000.00SecuredLeeLEE - NC0530000
23CR274622-520 WFA- THIRD DEG SEX EXPLOIT MINOR X10 04-06-2023District06-10-202423CR274622-520$100,000.00SecuredLeeLEE - NC0530000
23CR274625-520 WFA-FTHIRD DEG EXPLOIT MINOR X4 04-06-2023District06-10-202423CR274625-520$40,000.00SecuredLeeLEE - NC0530000
23CR274627-520 WFA- F- FIRST DEG EXPLOIT MINOR F-FIRST DEG SEX EXPLOIT MINOR F-INDECENT LIBERTIES WITH CHILD 04-06-2023District06-10-202423CR274627-520$225,000.00SecuredLeeLEE - NC0530000
23CR274634-090 WFA F-THIRD DEG SEX EXPOIT MINOR X 10 06-06-2023  23CR274634-090$100,000.00SecuredBrunswickLEE - NC0530000
23CR274637-090 WFA F-THIRD DEG SEX EXPOIT MONOR X 10 04-06-2023  23CR274637-090$100,000.00SecuredBrunswickLEE - NC0530000
23CR874629-090 WFA F-SECOND DEG SEX EXPLOIT MINR INDECENT LIBERTIES WITH CHILD 04-06-2023  23CR274629-090$75,000.00SecuredBrunswickLEE - NC0530000
23CR274641-090 WFA F-THIRD DEG SEX EXPLOIT MINOR X 10 04-06-2023  23CR274641-090$100,000.00SecuredBrunswickLEE - NC0530000
23CR274646-090 WFA F-THIRD DEG SEX EXPOIT MINOR X 10 04-06-2023  23CR274646-090$100,000.00SecuredBrunswickLEE - NC0530000
23CR274651-090 WFA F-THIRD DEG SEX EXPLOIT MINOR X 10 04-06-2023  23CR274651-090$100,000.00SecuredBrunswickLEE - NC0530000
23CRS000306-090 OFA 4-06-2023 FEL PROB VIOL OUT OF COUNTY 04-06-2023  20CRS000306-090$25,000.00SecuredBrunswickLEE - NC0530000
23CRS000307-090 OFA 4-06-2023 F-FEL PROB VIOL OUT OF COUNTY 04-06-2023  23CRS000307-090$25,000.00SecuredBrunswickLEE - NC0530000
23CR405319-090 MAG ORDR F-INTERFERE JAIL-PRISON FRIES SYS 09-08-2023  23CR405319-090$5,000.00SecuredBrunswickLEE - NC0530000